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Respiratory tissue test: Vapour produces similar result as air

September 7, 2016 News

Respiratory tissue test: Vapour produces similar result as air


There’s no question about whether or not smoking is bad for your health. About half of all smokers will die from smoking related illnesses and of these; about half will die by age 50.

There’s also very little doubt that e-cigarettes are a much safer alternative to their combustable cousins. But by how much? Public Health England say vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking, yet still we see headlines like “Vaping as bad as fags” adorn the front pages of the UK national press.

With those headlines in mind, and the constant echo of “we just don’t know” (when we do); I wanted to follow up our last article with something a little more positive, and then I spotted something over on Atlas of Health.

Human respiratory tissue test reveals e-cigarette vapour produced similar result as air

It’s a new article about a 2015 study carried out by British American Tobacco and MatTek Corporation. Yes, it’s big tobacco funded, but that doesn’t automatically invalidate it and it also happens to be the first in vitro study to closely mimic the structure and function of normal human airway tissue and potential adverse effects of e-cigarette vapour.

The conclusion?

The results show that cigarette smoke reduces cell viability to 12% (near complete cell death) after six hours. In contrast, neither of the e-cigarette aerosols showed any significant decrease in cell viability. Despite 6 hours of continuous exposure, the results were similar to those of control cells exposed to only air.  Even with this aggressive exposure, the e-cigarette vapours did not reduce cell viability.

That’s right: even with aggressive and continuous exposure for six hours, the e-cigarette vapour had almost the same effect on the cells as regular every day air.

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Written: September 7, 2016