Face Your Fears – Kicking the Smoking Habit for Good!

As we stand at the start of a new decade, many of us will be thinking of making changes to the way we live. It could be a new career, selling your house to travel the world, kicking the habit, hitting the gym… the list could go on. Self-improvement is not to be mocked but it can be hard to do. Because habits die hard. Just how do you make a big change like giving up smoking? It’s all to do with facing your fears…

1 What are your fears about quitting smoking?

Addiction. It’s not a nice word as it conjures all kinds of images. Essentially it means that you can’t do without something. Nicotine is a substance that draws you back time and again.

It’s a grip that can be broken. But it takes a bit of effort, commitment and facing your fears. The rewards are excellent.

2 Why not use a quit journal?

A quit journal is a diary of your journey to successfully kicking a habit. On page one, you can list your reasons for quitting. Recognising the drivers – and their value – as to why you chose to make this change is important. You’ll need to consult these from time to time, especially when the nicotine cravings are drumming inside your head, pushing you to pick up a cigarette.

3 Tap into your support network

Everyone who is making a change whether that is eating better, training to run a marathon or give up smoking will need to be surrounded by people who are positive about this change. A supportive person telling you that ‘you got this’ can make a difference between success and failure. And when it comes to quitting smoking, a fellow vaping enthusiast can be the person you need.

4 Your relationship with food could change

Smoking has many effects on the body, the majority of which are well researched and documented. When we quit, the changes in our bodies and brain are personal, although most smokers suffer similar withdrawal symptoms and issues.

One change is that we can begin to smell things again. And when our sense of smell returns, so too does our sense of taste.

Making one major change at a time is better than trying to do everything all at once but when it comes to kicking the habit, whether you replace it with vaping or not, try not to replace cigarettes with food…

5 Up your drinking game!

Drinking more water flushes out residual toxins after you have quit and can help to heal your body. But don’t overdo it!

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