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“Post Proelia Praemia”, after the battles come the rewards. But with us you don’t have to fight to get something back… Praemia is our rewards scheme, and means you get 4.5% payback on all products as account credit.

Let’s say you buy one bottle of Nicoticket’s Crème Brûlée at its full price of £9. When your order completes you’d earn £0.41 credit to your account, buy two bottles, you’d get £0.82, and so on. You can then use that as credit against any future orders you place with us.

You can check your balance in two places when you’re logged in.

At the top of each page…


And on the My Account page.


And also on the /cart/ page

Here you can use Praemia credit to create a voucher to discount your order. You simply say how much you’d like to use, click “create coupon”, and then add the coupon to your order.