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About Us

About Us


As a smoker you didn’t have to consider quality of flavour. Now, as a vaper, you don’t have that luxury. Highly curated and selected for genuine flavour and cloud flexibility, we stock liquids from some of the greatest flavour houses in the states, all of which produce an exceptional vape experience.

How many bottles of eliquid have you bought and not been satisfied with; that sit at the back of a cupboard ‘steeping’ in the hope they’ll get better? You’re more than that, you shouldn’t have to wait to get the best. Welcome to Spiritus Vapes.

Spiritus was launched by t’, a smoker of 15 years that tried all the usual avenues to give up, and failed every time. Then one night he tried vaping, and the rest (as they say) is history. But then began the search for flavours and all day vapes. A lover of lesser known music and underground sounds he’s used to seeking things out and just like finding a good song, the internet makes finding great flavours equally easy. But that’s only half the job, actually getting it presents two challenges: if it’s not from Europe then it takes ages to arrive and postage costs a fortune.

IN 2012 there was little information about flavours online and many purchases were very hit and miss. With a long history in digital t’ created AllTheJuices.com, the first dedicated crowdsourced review platform for vaping. Through that he got talking to US vendors and as shipping costs spiralled he started to wonder why it wasn’t easier to get foreign e-liquids in the UK. The wondering became the impetus for action, and Spiritus Vapes was born.

Our aim is to import the greatest American flavours that are lesser known over here and ship them from within the UK, which means not only do you not have to wait a month to get it, but you won’’’t need to spend more on shipping and import fees than the liquid itself.

We partnered with Epic Juice and Nicoticket from launch with Quack’s Juice Factory, Grizzly Vapes and Bombies soon after, with more brands joining the family over time. Our aim isn’t to sell anything, it’s to sell flavours that we genuinely enjoy and when it comes down to it; if we wouldn’t vape it, then we won’t stock it, because if we can’t stand behind our products, how could we ask you to buy them?

We also offer two things that not many other vendors do, automatic discounts and 4.5% payback on all orders as account credit…

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