My name is Tristan and I am a Blog writer

My name is Tristan but most people call me T’, and I started smoking way back in the day when I was at college. It was the cool kind of statement back then that said “hey, I’m an adult, I’ll make my own choices” and I can still remember thinking it didn’t taste all that great and I probably wouldn’t bother carrying on for long. 15 years (and at least five major attempts at giving up) later I was still smoking, something had to change. Then I found vaping.

The rest of my story is similar to so many others. Switching to vaping happened virtually overnight and I’ve not looked back (nor smoked) since.

Then began the search for the ever-elusive ‘all day vape’. I’ve always loved tracking down lesser known but amazing things, it’s something I’ve done a lot with music and like finding a good song, the internet makes finding great vapes equally easy. But whilst finding out about juice is easy, actually getting it presents two challenges; if it’s not from the UK it takes ages to arrive and postage costs a fortune.

I’ve spent a lot of time and money eagerly waiting for US vapemail to arrive, and as shipping costs spiralled I started to wonder why it wasn’t easier to get foreign e-liquids in the UK. The wondering became the impetus for action, and Spiritus Vapes was born.

Our aim is to import the greatest American liquids that are lesser known over here and sell them from within the UK, which means not only do you not have to wait a month to get it, but you won’t need to spend more on shipping and import fees than the liquid itself.

We’ve partnered with Epic Juice and Nicoticket from launch (we’re the only official UK online stockists of these fantastic brands), Have added Grizzly Vapes and Suicide Bunny to our line up and we’re continually working to form partnerships with other fantastic vendors as time passes by – keep your eyes peeled for great things!