10 Vape Battery Safety Tips

Whenever you’re not using your vape mod, you can save power by turning it off.

Don’t leave your device on thinking that it is not using any power. If your vape device is switched on, it is still sucking away some of the power from your battery. Turn it off, and you’ll save a good portion of your battery, which over time adds up.

  • Keep your vape batteries clean

Perform regular checks to ensure your battery and its terminals are free from dirt. A cotton bud is an excellent tool to clean your battery and terminals when necessary.

  • Avoid heat, the cold and direct sunlight

The chemicals in your battery should never be exposed to extreme temperatures. Please don’t leave it exposed in a car and keep it away from fire!

  • Avoid exposing your vape battery to water

Don’t allow your battery to come into contact with water. If it gets wet, leave it in a ziplock bag with rice for 48 hours to dry it out completely.

  • Damaged vape batteries

Check your battery for damage regularly. If you see a rip or tear in the wrapper, stop using the battery straight away.

  • Avoid carrying your vape battery with metal

Use a battery cover or holder when transporting batteries to prevent them from touching each other, or any other metallic items.

  • Don’t overcharge your vape battery

Check back regularly to see if the charging has finished. Remove the battery from the charger as soon as charging is complete to prevent battery failure.

  • Don’t leave your vape battery unattended

Charge your vape batteries on a hard, fireproof surface, and don’t leave them unattended or left to charge overnight.

  • Don’t put your battery in the bin

When the time comes to replace the battery, ensure that it is disposed of correctly. Your local refuse centre will accept batteries and recycle them.

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